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It's All About You… I know you. You've got a lot of marketing projects that need to be completed - By Next Week.

Yes, you've got a lot of marketing projects that need to be completed - or maybe, even started. You need a new website or a knock-out PowerPoint presentation. Sales is looking for new brochures. Product marketing wants new data sheets and an email blast campaign designed to pull. Corporate communications wants a great looking white paper. And the president is thinking about a new brand identity.

Like I said, I know you. You're smart, creative, determined to do the best job no matter what gets thrown at you. You want to be proactive, not reactive. You want a designer who can work with you, not against you. Someone who understands what a brand is supposed to deliver and who can talk to the crazy printer who is saying something about chokes and spreads, or the web hosting service who wants you to choose the Linux or Microsoft package. You want a designer who can do more than listen. You want a designer who can think and act - who's not only been in the trenches, but has thrived there. Welcome to your design place.

Who Am I? an accomplished visual communicator - Creative Director/Art Director/General Trouble-Shooter and Problem-Solver

A visual design strategist with over 25 years experience helping marketers think through their specific objectives to arrive at the perfect design solution. I have designed and developed award-winning solutions for challenges in print, web, video, direct marketing, packaging, trade show development, collateral materials, branding and more. I have worked in a variety of environments, both agency and in-house, where I have orchestrated creative design solutions for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to construction to insurance to entertainment. Whether the project at hand is finance or fine art, consulting services or consumer electronics, I deliver professional design that highlights message and enhances brand.

Specializations? Several. Because this line of work isn't a good place for those content to rest on their laurels or just get by. Constant challenge and education are requirements. (A sense of humor doesn't hurt.)

Who I've worked with A variety of industries and services from across the country

Freelance Consultant – 2010 - Present

CENTURA GROUP, Farmingdale, NY


BiG LLC (formerly ViCoSo), Nesconset, New York
TriCare - (Health Services - U.S. Department of Defense)
Langer Biomechanics

LifeLine Screening
Entertainment Magazines
Gersowitz, Libo & Korek Law
Baxter, Tassan, Smith & Shapiro Law


A few awards

Year Award Category Client
2007 BOLI - Gold - Posters, B&W or Color - NY Philharmonic/IAC, NY
2005 BOLI - Silver - Logo Design, Color - Islip Arts Council
2005 BOLI - Silver - Logo Design, B&W - Islip Arts Council
2004 BOLI - Silver - Internet (Web Design) Non-Profit - Nat. Ctr. for Alternative Certification
2004 BOLI - Gold - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #3 -
2004 BOLI - Bronze - House Organs & Newsletters , New or Current #2 -
2004 BOLI - Bronze - House Organs & Newsletters , New or Current #1 -
2004 BOLI - Bronze - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #2 -
2004 BOLI - Bronze - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #1 -
2004 BOLI - BOLI - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #4 -
2003 BOLI - Silver - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #2 -
2003 BOLI - Gold - House Organs & Newsletters , New or Current -
2003 BOLI - Gold - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #3 -
2003 BOLI - Bronze - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art -
2003 BOLI - BOLI - House Organs & Newsletters - Cover Art #4 -
2002 BOLI - Silver - Trade Brochures, 4-Color - Avonpress
2002 BOLI - Bronze - Trade Brochures, 4-Color- LIRO
2002 BOLI - Bronze - Package Design, Single Package - Safety Tots International
2002 BOLI - Bronze - Package Design, Single Package - Orbigo
2002 BOLI - Bronze - House Organs, Newsletters, New or Current - Gersowitz, Libo & Korek Law
2002 BOLI - Bronze - Direct Response Advertising Campaign - Worldcom Wireless
2002 BOLI - Bronze - Computer-Aided Illustration/Photography - Intellidyne
2002 Assoc. Graphic Com. Showcase Award -Assoc. Graphic Com. - Avonpress
1996 USCG U.S. Coast Guard - Certificate of Appreciation Logo Design
1996 BOLI - Merit - Trade Catalogs - Benefoot
1996 BOLI - Merit - Logo Design/Application (Corporate Identity) - MKA Associates
1996 BOLI - Merit - Direct Mail Series - Contemporary Color Graphics
1994 BOLI - Merit - Package Design (Product Line) - Designer Quality Impressions
1994 BOLI - Merit - Direct Mail Series - Contemporary Color Graphics
1994 BOLI - Merit - Consumer/Magazine Retail Ads (Color) - La Perfumerie
1993 Neenah Paper Logo Design - Simbrom Creative Services
1992 BOLI - Merit - Posters/Billboards - Contemporary Color Graphics
1992 BOLI - BOLI - Direct Mail Series - Contemporary Color Graphics
1991 BOLI - Merit - Trade Brochures (Other than Process Color) - Sunrise Mall
1991 BOLI - BOLI - Corporate Logo Design - Simbrom Creative Services


What I DoA full-course meal in a nutshell?

I don't have a  30 second elevator pitch . If I'm speaking with someone who has that short an attention span, he or she is probably not going to get it. Short soundbites are good sometimes. Not always. For those of you who are looking for more than a single note, maybe not a full symphony but at least a good string quartet, I could be your guy. I like being able to draw from a wide variety of skills and experiences to get a difficult job done. I like making the complex simple. I like taking a complex value proposition and making it visually accessible so an average consumer can get it. But it takes work. And talent. I don't mind if you call me a "Renaissance Man," I've got the right tools.

Beautiful, functional and accessible There are reasons that certain visuals appeal to the human eye

SIMBROM CAMPISI & ASSOC., Deer Park/NY, Northport, NY
Owner / Partner – to 2010
Established and expanded business operations for the startup company. Spearheaded development of comprehensive package line identities and integrated branding/marketing strategies for several commercial products. Developed budgets and project timelines to achieve marketing goals more efficiently and cost effectively. Built relationships with freelance contractors and vendors. Oversaw copywriting, corporate identity integration, direct mail, e-commerce, front-end web development, graphic design, package design, and photo supervision activities. Collaborated with and headed teams comprised of strategic partners and consultants to develop advertising and marketing program concepts, specifications, and technical architecture design.
Key Achievements:
• Garnered Best on Long Island Silver Award for Web Design for design, development, and launch of the educator/potential educator resource website project funded by the DOE for the National Center for Alternative Certification.
• Championed the successful development of comprehensive marketing collateral, product packaging, and presentation material for high-profile companies, including 1-800-Flowers, Aromafloria, Dove Electronics, Entertainment, Gersowitz Libo & Korek Law, Innovative Packaging, Kimco Realty, Langer Biomechanics, LI Ducks, TriCare (for DoD), and YMCA Boulton Center.
• Boosted client/partner Eastern Design’s vendor channel effectiveness and cost efficiency by collaborating with client to identify key importers to appeal to American buyers such as Motor Trend, Takashi, Tandy/Radio Shack, Totes/Eton, and more.
• Increased clients’ online presence and sales capabilities by creating corporate websites, portals, and Web applications incorporating user interface design elements.

It's all in the details I take the time to do it right so you don't have to worry about it

    Bachelor Psychology, Visual Perception concentration (Cum Laude with Honors)
    Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts
    Ongoing: Classes and seminars pertinent to the needs of the work environment
    Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready, InDesign) • PowerPoint • Dreamweaver • Quark Express • Microsoft Office Suite • Flash • Visio • HTML • CSS/JSQuery (in progress) Content Management Systems • Mac • PC

Expert creative director and branding professional with an extensive record of boosting market penetration and brand awareness for high-profile clients. Integrated branding/marketing strategist with a demonstrated background of optimizing ROI by designing exceptional campaigns and delivering measurable results. Award-winning team leader and relationship driver who assembles and motivates cross-functional teams to exceed expectations. Skilled at building winning brand/market strategies for an array of commercial product lines.

Advertising / Marketing Management • Graphic Design • Strategic Marketing Plans • Presentation Development • Vendor Relations • Project Lead • Branding • Packaging • Client Partnerships

How to Find Me"I'm In The Book"

Email works. Try me at

But, feel free to call.  Sometimes a quick conversation can be more informative than an email.  631-651-2952

If you don't mind putting up with a lot of dogs, you can visit me at my home office…

Dutch  Mushka  Sophie

… and meet my executive staff.

56 Bellecrest Avenue
East Northport, NY  11731

I'll make some coffee.